Discover Platformly's WooCommerce integration: integrate WooCommerce with Platformly and skyrocket your eCommerce...
Platformly WooCommerce's Integration


Integrate WooCommerce With Platformly & Skyrocket Your eCommerce

Easily connect your WooCommerce store to Platformly

Thanks to our Platformly for WooCommerce plugin, you can easily connect your WooCommerce store to Platformly.

Once synchronization is enabled, the data you collect in WooCommerce is automatically imported into Platformly. You can, of course, choose which segment(s) to add contacts to and apply tags, based on user actions.

Set up events and send automated emails

Our WooCommerce integration allows you to set up events which when that event occurs will trigger off the sending of an automated email. For example, when someone views a product of yours, adds a product to his/her cart, views his/her cart, clicks the checkout button, places an order, abandons his/her cart, recovers his/her cart…

This feature will allow you to create all sorts of automated email sequences, including cart abandonment campaigns.

Access detailed customer reporting

You will also have access to detailed sales reports, so you can track the performance of your WooCommerce store at any time, right from the Platformly interface.

You can also track user activity and see the exact path your customers took.

Your sales data is imported in real-time, which means the metrics you see in Platformly are 100% up-to-date.

Check out a much more straightforward and more intuitive way for setting up marketing campaigns.

Only 5 minutes to set up
Developer’s support is not required
We won’t charge you automatically after the trial


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