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Business metrics at the click of a mouse, shortcuts to add contacts and create links, embed forms without hassle and more.

Set up takes only 5 minutes

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Keep an eye on your business metrics and save time every day with the free Platformly Chrome extension

✅ Instantly access your key business metrics
✅ Add contacts to your CRM from anywhere
✅ Create unique tracking links on the fly

Access your key business metrics right from your browser

With our extension, you can access all the business dashboards you created in Platformly, with the click of a mouse! Simply click on the Platformly icon in your browser and you will see all the most vital metrics of your business, including your sales, MRR, churn rate…

Chrome Extension
Add the pages, forms, events and tracking links you created in Platformly to your site or blog in just a few clicks with the free Platformly WordPress plugin

✅ Add your pages and forms to WordPress with ease
✅ Track events like a pro - no coding required
✅ Add tracking links to posts and pages in seconds

Add your pages to WordPress in just a few clicks

With our plugin, you can add all the pages you created in Platformly to WordPress in just a few clicks. Once the page is ready, all you need to do is to open the plugin, select the page and decide what type of page it should be…

WordPress Plugin

For example, you could make it:
✅ an inner page
✅ your homepage
✅ a welcome page
✅ a 404 error page.  A real time-saver!

Integrate WooCommerce with Platformly & Skyrocket your eCommerce

Thanks to our Platformly for WooCommerce plugin, you can easily connect your WooCommerce store to Platformly. Once synchronization is enabled, the data you collect in WooCommerce is automatically imported into Platformly. You can, of course, choose which segment(s) to add contacts to and apply tags, based on user actions.

✅ Easily Connect Your WooCommerce Store to Platformly
✅ Set up events and send automated emails
✅ Access detailed customer reporting

WooCommerce Plugin
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Setup takes only 5 minutes


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