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Grow your small or medium-sized business with the most intuitive marketing platform

Platformly helps small to medium-sized businesses like yours grow their sales and revenue by helping them implement email and text message campaigns and automate their marketing. Make decisive data-driven decisions thanks to real-time analytics provided to you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Marketing Solution for SMBs

Smart integrations, limitless possibilities

Google Analytics

Better communicate with your customers

Better communicate with your customers

Segment your contacts, for better, more effective outreach.

Make the most of shopping holidays and other opportunities by sending highly personalized emails and text messages to your leads and customers.

Establish strong relationships with your audience and boost loyalty with recurring, on point communications with them.

Effectively communicate with your audience

Segment and score contacts better

Apply advanced, yet intuitive segmentation and scoring criteria to your lists. Segment your leads and customers based on their latest actions, lifetime value, traffic source, and much more. Identify and automatically trigger activation emails for less active customers to get them to buy again.

Easily manage your email marketing campaigns

Use the intuitive drag-and-drop email builder to create beautiful emails for your leads and customers. Schedule mailings in advance. Customize size, colors, position, and overall styling of all elements with our powerful email builder.

Unleash the power of SMS marketing

Send highly targeted text messages to your leads and customers thanks to unlimited segmentation criteria. Personalize your text messages, with custom fields, emojis, links… Reach your contacts on the go, on complete auto-pilot.

Grow your business on autopilot

Grow your business on autopilot

Easily set up automated marketing campaigns for your leads and customers with our top-of-the-line, intuitive automation builder.

Create dynamic automation workflows and tailor your marketing communication to every individual customer.

Fully automate your marketing, grow your sales and revenue on complete autopilot.

Easily automate your marketing

Automate email and text message campaigns

Set up advanced automation flows triggered by specific user actions, such as visits and purchases. Personalize and tailor your messages to your users’ context for higher open and click-through rates and increased conversions.

Create welcome sequences

Create your welcome campaigns with just a few clicks thanks to our drag-and-drop editor. Make your new customers feel welcome and help them get oriented, for higher retention and satisfaction levels.

Use pre-made templates

Use pre-made templates to get set up even faster. Create automation workflows for users to engage them with your business better. Utilize user scoring to trigger automated campaigns for your less active users.

Get insights into your business data

Get insights into your business data

“If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.” once said Peter Drucker, one of the world’s greatest management consultants.

Start making data-driven decisions by pulling data from different sources and putting them all into one place: Platformly. Get a quick overview of the health of your business.

Spend less time on trying to figure out data and grow your business with better insights. Keep track of all the metrics that make sense for your business.

Use insights to make date-driven decisions

Create business dashboards

Choose the metrics you want to include in your report by using our drag-and-drop editor. Get instant access to real-time data that can help you better understand the health of your business and share the data with your team, which can be accessed both via web and mobile.

Integrate multiple data sources

Choose the data sources you want to analyze simultaneously. Integrate them with Platformly through our integrations or Zapier, migrate all data in a blink of an eye. Use valuable insights to make data-driven decisions.

Attribute conversion better

Find out which channels bring the most customers and invest more in them. Cut down your effort on the worst-performing channels that just eat away at your marketing budget.

Get full access to an all-in-one tool for growing your small or medium-sized business

Full marketing tool stack

Everything you need to generate more leads and clients in one place.

No need to go for more than one tool.

Advanced, yet easy to use

An advanced tool should not be difficult to navigate.

Expect a shallow learning curve – learn fast and as you do – we will walk you through the process and make sure you succeed with the tool.

Friendly support when you need it

Our team is available anytime you need us on live support, even if you work on week-ends.

No more waiting for a few working days to receive a response to a quick question.

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Francisco O

"The Support team is amazing, always ready to provide assistance."

"I have set up integrations for stripe and Paypal and I've got some problems with Paypal and they take more than 2 hours on Sunday to get it sorted."

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