Turn cold traffic into brand advocates at scale with event-driven campaigns and highly personalized experiences using the Platformly marketing automation.
Marketing Automation - Deliver Personalized Experiences

Marketing Automation

Convert More Visitors Into Clients With a Powerful Marketing Automation Tool Stack

Set up advanced automation campaigns with just a few clicks. Visualize and tweak your campaigns as you please with an easy to use drag-and-drop editor. Implement a tagging and scoring system to personalize communications with your leads to achieve higher conversions.

Set up automation tailored to your business

Engage with your contacts and automate every aspect of your messaging and follow-ups specific to your industry.

As a SaaS business, you can apply onboarding, churn reduction, upsell sequences.

For eCommerce, use welcome emails, cart abandonment, and activation campaigns.

Personalize better for higher conversions

Segment based on behaviors, actions, location, and almost anything else you can think of.

Personalize your emails based on different segmentation criteria – no more generic emails that customers ignore.

Build advanced automations with our simple drag-and-drop editor within minutes.

Sofia B.

PR Manager
Source: Capterra

"One of my favorite things at Platformly is automations."

"You can do almost everything you can think with this feature using a simple drag-and-drop builder."

Serena L.

Source: Capterra

"We especially like the new and improved email builder and 100+ templates. Intuitive."

"Suppose you need to start improving your eCommerce store (not necessarily physical items) with some reporting stats (from tracking) and configured marketing automation. In that case, Platformly may be the sales CRM for that growth, without the high price like Infusionsoft."

Build any automation you can think of

Using our pre-built templates, you can set up a 'churn' campaign, onboarding campaign, welcome series, and many others within minutes.

Build whatever automation you can dream up in the simplest way possible.

To create an automation, simply choose between a simple and an advanced automation, select a template (or start from scratch) and you are ready to go!

Fully automate your business with automation rules

Platformly also lets you create automation rules, which are simple, set-and-forget automations running in the back of your business.

For example, you could set up an automation rule that when someone upgrades from one plan to another, to either move them from one segment to another, or remove a tag and apply a different one.

These rules, which run on complete autopilot, 24/7 365 days a year, will allow you to fully automate your business.

Unleash the power of webhooks for your business

Last but not least… Platformly allows you to create webhooks, which are HTTP callbacks that power one-way data sharing triggered by events. Webhooks allow you to trigger “payloads” of information from 3rd party services. This information is then recorded in Platformly.

Imagine you run a subscription-based business and use Paddle as a payment process… When a subscription is created, you could send a webhook from Paddle to Platformly, to add a new contact to the CRM. Simply copy the Platformly webhook URL and paste it in Paddle!

Maryna N.

SMM Specialist
Source: Capterra

"Platformly has been life changing for our business."

"Platformly has helped us automate our email follow-up and keep in touch with our clients. It's been a huge win to quickly and easily setup automations with complex lead scoring and other rules. We have seen a huge increase in sales because of the power of email marketing with Platformly."

Check out a much more straightforward and more intuitive way for setting up marketing campaigns.

The new standard in marketing automation
Dozens of automation templates available


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