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Do you run an E-Commerce business? Platformly allows you to automate transactional emails and any sort of marketing campaigns...
Platformly - All-in-One Marketing Solution for E-Commerce

Drive sales and improve customer engagement while saving time

Boost your omni-channel marketing, connect your store to your marketing platform and send out personalized content at each stage of the customers’ journey.

Marketing Solution for E-Commerce

Smart integrations, limitless possibilities

Google Analytics

All-in-one marketing automation tool for eCommerce

Hit the sweet spot of the marketing features that your eCommerce store needs to drive more revenue. Have you and your team spend less time tweaking emails and automation. You won’t find that much value for this price in alternative solutions.

Alicia C.

Digital Communications Consultant
Source: Capterra

"We especially like the new and improved email builder and 100+ templates. Intuitive."

"Suppose you need to start improving your eCommerce store (not necessarily physical items) with some reporting stats (from tracking) and configured marketing automation. In that case, Platformly may be the sales CRM for that growth, without the high price like Infusionsoft."

5 stars

Marketing automation
Email Marketing
Customizable email text editor
Landing page builder
Drag-and-drop editor
Link tracking
Customizable business dashboards
Advanced reporting

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Tick box
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Customize your emails with product information

Use an intuitive drag-and-drop email editor to feature product information and a checkout button in your email. Trigger emails just in time to get your churning store shoppers back to checkout. Customize size, colors, position, and overall styling of all elements with our powerfl email builder.

Customize your emails with product information
Serena L.

Source: Capterra

“Improve Your ROI with Marketing Automation”

"Platformly may be the sales crm for that growth, without the big price like infusionsoft. We especially like the new and improved email builder w/ 100+ templates. Intuitive."

5 stars

Access detailed customer reporting

Get a 360-degree overview of how your store performs in real-time with our analytics dashboards. Import data from your store in no time and customize dashboards as you wish in just a few clicks – no more tweaking with complex filters and segments. Use pre-made dashboards to make this process even simpler.

Dana R.

Creative Director
Source: Capterra

"Visual reports make using a serious pleasure for this vision-minded, see'er of a geek."

"Being able to stay organized is a huge kicker for me."

5 stars
Access detailed customer reporting

Segment and score contacts better

Apply advanced yet intuitive segmentation and scoring criteria to your client lists. Segment your shoppers based on their last store visit, cart value, traffic source, and much more. Identify and automatically trigger activation emails for less active contacts to get them to buy again.

Segment and score contacts better
Maryna N.

SMM Specialist
Source: Capterra

"With Platformly, we are using tags and segments to reach the right people, identifying and segmenting those that are engaged and disengaged."

"Before using Platformly, we had about 10K contacts, but we struggled to communicate with them in a meaningful way because they were in random lists that never got updated. We had no simple way to identify if individual contacts were engaged."

5 stars

Tick all the boxes for GDPR compliance
Make your checkout page GDPR compliant by placing the necessary checkboxes. Enable your customers to subscribe to your marketing campaigns and newsletters when buying your products.

Get full access to an all-in-one tool for growing your eCommerce

Quick few clicks installation

Synchronize your store with Platformly in just a few clicks – you won’t need a developer.

Don’t worry about the rest – we will walk you through the next steps!

Advanced, yet easy to use

An advanced tool should not be difficult to navigate.

Expect a shallow learning curve – learn fast as you do – we will walk you through the process and make you succeed with the tool.

Friendly support when you need it

Our team is available anytime you need us on live support, even if you work on week-ends.

No more waiting for a few working days to receive a response to a quick question.

Sales Reports for E-Commerce
Francisco O.

CEO - Director
Source: Capterra

Francisco O

"The Support team is amazing, always ready to provide assistance."

"I have set up integrations for Stripe and Paypal and I've got some problems with Paypal and they take more than 2 hours on Sunday to get it sorted."

5 stars

Boost your sales and revenue and understand your eCommerce business metrics better

Increase your conversion rates
  • Send personalized messages and offers based on the customer journey
  • Run dynamic forms or pop-ups with content that match the customer profile
  • Run A/B testing to see which message performs better
Optimize sales processes
  • Cross-channel marketing
  • Post purchase SMS and emails
Boost marketing effectiveness
  • Personalize your one-to-one offers
  • Revenue attribution analytics
Manage the customer lifecycle
  • Have a 360 degree customer view
  • Segment based on behavioral and purchase history

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