Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time with the Platformly email marketing tools.
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Email Marketing

Send Better, Targeted Messages That Actually Reach & Engage Your Contacts

Create highly-personalized emails within minutes with our advanced, yet intuitive and easy to use email builder. Send more targeted emails (and text messages) thanks to unlimited segmentation criteria and smart scoring to generate more revenue from your marketing campaigns.

Apply advanced email marketing with ease

Get access to full functionality with the highest amount of simplicity possible. Other simple services make large compromises, removing the power needed to manage your business properly.

On the other side, full-service enterprise solutions with great depth give up all simplicity and require private onboarding sessions that you pay for, as well as an in-house development team. This no longer needs to be the case. Get the best of both worlds with Platformly.

Set up email campaigns in a few clicks

You can now build your brand with smart, targeted follow-up sequences that can be set up in just a few clicks.

A full-featured, drag-and-drop email builder allows you to set up professional emails, fast.

With full tracking stats available on every email sent, you can get the complete picture of what content your contacts love receiving.

Apply smart triggers and segmentation

You can send simple follow-up email broadcasts to entire segments, or one-off emails to individual customers, triggered by specific events like making a purchase, visiting particular pages, inactivity time, and hundreds of others.

Creating segments and tags is very easy with Platformly. There is absolutely no technical knowledge required to set up an email automation. Our intuitive automation builder will help you set one up in just a few minutes.

Create campaigns faster

Ever wanted to send an email to your non-opens on a campaign quickly but had to jump through many steps to do so?

You can quickly send emails to subscribers that didn’t open a specific email or click the link by changing the headline and clicking send. We also track the full performance of your emails with KPIs (key performance indicators).

Terry H.

Source: Capterra

"I am an advanced email marketing user and this tool is perfect for my needs."

"I really enjoy the email marketing automation that this tool provides. The event tracking is also really good and last but not least I love the clear dashboard I get with Platformly."

Suvran R.

Source: Capterra

"One of the biggest plus points of the tool is that it can deliver the right email to the right person at the right time."

"Using Platformly's visual email builder one can send ideal responsive campaign driven emails and broadcast it as well. The tool is said to have the best deliverability rates."

Personalize more for higher conversions

Use our advanced personalization functions with every message you send to your contacts so you can precisely customize the content of an individual email for each of your subscribers and their situation.

You can also parse these parameters to your landing pages, allowing you to address them on your pages with their name or any other information you have from them!

Use a custom domain for links in your emails

Platformly lets you add custom domains which can then be used for tracking links, as well as landing pages and even emails.

Once you have added a custom domain to Platformly (which is very easy), you will be able to create tracking links using this domain and use them in the emails you send out, for optimal tracking and a better control of your sender reputation.

That way you are not subject to the poor sender reputation of domain names owned by third parties.

Connect a 3rd party SMTP service provider (optional)
Connect to a 3rd party SMTP service provider

Platformly allows you to connect to a 3rd party SMTP service provider (for example, Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mandrill...) so you can send out emails using this service, instead of the Platformly mailer. After adding your SMTP service provider as a mailer, you will be able to select it in your sending profiles.

Not sure whether you should use your SMTP service provider or the Platformly mailer for your email broadcasts? No problem... Use both, and compare deliverability (including the open rates and click-through rates) and decide which one works best for you.

Send automated text messages

Want to send text messages to your audience? With Platformly, you can send text messages to a specific segment, or contacts with a specific tag, at the exact time you want, in their timezone. SMS Marketing has never been easier!

Include text messages in your automated marketing sequences. You will then be able to access useful metrics including the numbers of text messages sent, text messages received, text messages failed, clicks and more.

Personalize email content with snippets

Platformly even allows you to create content snippets, which are small bits of editable content that can be placed in emails, allowing for customizable content to populate. The idea here is to help you personalize email content, for better results, including better conversion.

You can send several different versions of an email, with a single email, using conditions: if the contact is in a specific segment, if the contact is not in a specific segment, if the contact has a specific tag, if the contact does not have a specific tag…

Start sending more targeted emails that will get your contacts to convert at lightning speed.

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