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Platformly - All-in-One Marketing Solution for SaaS

Scale your SaaS with an all-in-one tool for data-driven growth

Grow your SaaS using marketing automation, lead generation and analytics. Nurture leads and convert visitors to paying customers, all in one platform.

Marketing Solution for SaaS

Smart integrations, limitless possibilities

Google Analytics

Set your SaaS growth on autopilot

Convert more free accounts into paying customers with smart automation for SaaS. Automate your campaigns for churn reduction, onboarding, welcome series, and more SaaS-specific sequences. Create dynamic automation workflows and tailor your marketing communication to every single user. Segment your SaaS leads better with advanced scoring and tagging.

Set your SaaS growth on autopilot

Smart Marketing Automation
Email Marketing
Multi-step Opt-ins
Drag and Drop Editor
Optimized Landing Pages
Dynamic Content
360-degree Customer Profile

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A complete lead generation tool stack

Automate onboarding

Set up advanced automation flows triggered by specific user interactions, multiple behavioral and demographic conditions. Tailor your messages to your users’ context. Start driving engagement with your platform.

Use multi-step optins

Apply micro-conversions to keep users that are signing up engaged. Use multi-step opt-ins to ask more questions and get answers that you can use for more personalized messaging during onboarding.

Use dynamic content

Customize your landing pages by adding dynamic content. Create one page but show multiple versions with advanced personalization criteria, such as lead source, last interaction, or job title.

Create high-converting pages fast

We have tested our landing page templates in the trenches for you so you can focus on counting the ROI from your next marketing campaign. Create and publish pages optimized for speed and conversion and save time on tests.

Drive user engagement

Boost user engagement with smart onboarding sequences. Identify users at a high risk of churn and use triggered sequences to better engage them with your products. Convert more trial accounts into paid ones with sophisticated nurturing and lead scoring.

Drive user engagement

Email Funnels
Lead Nurturing
Lead Scoring
Triggered Emails
Marketing Automation
Advanced Personalization

Engage with users like never before

Create onboarding sequences

With a drag-and-drop editor, you can create your onboarding campaigns with just a few clicks. Use pre-made templates for onboarding to make it even faster.

Use scoring

Apply scoring rules to assign points for users’ interactions with your SaaS. Identify contacts which are not using your product frequently enough to experience its core value.

Cut churn with automation

Create an automation for churning users to engage them with your SaaS better. Utilize user scoring to trigger automated campaigns for your churning users.

Boost users' lifetime value

Trigger personalized messages to upsell more product addons and encourage upgrades when your users are the most receptive to your offer. Upgrade more users with the messages that speak your customer voice by incorporating personalization lines with demographic and behavioural criteria.

Boost users' lifetime value

User Segmentation
Advanced Personalization
Lead Nurturing
Lead Scoring
Triggered Emails
Marketing Automation
Pre-Made Templates

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Unleash the power of lead nurturing

Send personalized messages

Create highly personalized messages with just a few clicks. Use custom fields to personalize your messaging and increase your conversions and drive more sales.

Use nurturing to sell more

Utilize insights and set criteria for triggers to launch automated nurturing campaigns. Send the right message to the customers that are willing to upgrade just now.

Set pre-made templates

We have created and tested sequences that will drive more upgrades. Save your time on tests using the templates that will drive more upsells from day one.

Harness your analytics for growth

Start making data-driven decisions, as you can’t improve what you can’t measure. Pull data from different sources, put them all into one place and get a quick overview of the health of your SaaS. Spend less time on making sense of data and grow your business with better insights.

Keep track of churned MRR, new MRR, average revenue per customer, refunds, average revenue per customer, and other metrics that matter to your SaaS.

Harness your analytics for growth

Business Reports
Customizable Dashboards
Real-Time Data
Data Integration
Easy Implementation
Drag-and-Drop Builder
Shareable Links

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Use insights to make data-driven decisions

Create business dashboards

Choose the metrics you want to include in your report by using our drag-and-drop editor. Get instant access to real-time data that can help you better understand the health of your SaaS business and share the data with your team, which can be accessed both via web and mobile.

Integrate multiple data sources

Choose the data sources you want to analyze simultaneously. Integrate them with Platformly through our integrations or Zapier, migrate all data in a glimpse of an eye. Use valuable insights to make data-driven decisions.

Attribute conversion better

Find out which channels bring the most clients and invest more in them. Cut down your effort on the worst-performing channels that just eat away at your marketing budget.

Get full access to an all-in-one tool for growing your SaaS

Onboarding sequences

Convert more trial accounts into paid accounts by engaging your users with personalized onboarding emails.

Use email marketing to lead your users to discover your product’s value from day one.

Churn sequences

Use pre-made templates to motivate the users at a high risk of churn.

Increase user retention and customer lifetime value.

Full marketing tool stack

Everything you need to generate more leads and clients in one place.

No need to go for more than one tool.

✔️Landing pages    ✔️Opt-in builder      ✔️Lead scoring     ✔️ Lead nurturing     ✔️ Automations

Form Builder for SaaS

Dynamic content
Use dynamic content to personalize your messaging and speak your customer’s voice. Show different page versions to users depending on their interaction with your page and their profile.

Business reports and attribution

Use analytics that go beyond campaign analysis. Keep track of account health, understand the most profitable channels, and the metrics that matter for SaaS.

Real-time data
Track your business growth on the fly. Get access to intuitive, easy-to-read dashboards that will tell you all the truth about where your business stands right now, including revenue and churn.

Rich use profiles
Understand your customers better – not only what pages they have visited, but also their social media profiles, personal blogs, and contact information. Get access to the data scraped from third-party sources online so that you don’t have to do your research independently.

Increase your sales and revenue and understand your SaaS business metrics better

Collect customer data
  • Collect data about potential customers through website visits, app usage, newsletters and other digital marketing interactions
Create personalized experiences
  • Engage prospects with relevant content based on where they are in the sales funnel and nurture them until they become qualified leads
Track and optimize campaign performance
  • Evaluate how customers and prospects respond to your content at every stage of the sales cycle, including metrics from all marketing channels, campaigns and ads to gain a holistic view of performance

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