The Platformly Marketing CRM is one central location for managing contacts and strengthening customer relationships.
Inbound CRM - Manage & Strengthen Customer Relationships

Marketing CRM

Rich Lead & Customer Insights You Can Count on, Accessible All Day, Every Day

Easily manage your leads and customers with a powerful CRM built into the Platformly suite. Quickly identify key relationships that you can nurture and increase income to your business. Get your contacts organized and help your marketing and sales team close deals.

Easily manage your leads and customers

Quickly identify key relationships, including your top spenders and warmest prospects. Platformly has a powerful 'lead scoring' system built in which gives you and your sales team total flexibility in setting up scoring that is unique for your business. This is done with a simple points and clicks process and means that you will never let 'likely to slip away' customers leave without reaching out to them in advance, or let your biggest ambassadors feel unloved.

The powerful CRM built into the Platformly suite means you can easily nurture the relationships that add income to your business, allowing you to follow up consistently and automatically as well as see the details of every lead that opts into your business.

Get insight into your contacts

With Platformly, not only can you access complete contact information, but also marketing data such as the automations they entered, emails they received, links they clicked on and more. So you can really begin to understand what makes them tick.

Get insight into your contacts like never before. With the Platformly CRM, that is both simple to use and customizable, it means that the only way you could know your customer any better, would be if you were married to them.

Easily share access with your team members

Does your team need access to Platformly too? No problem! You can create sub-accounts for your team members and give them access to the projects and sections you want.

For example, you could give your marketing assistant access to the CRM and Messages sections, but not to the Automation section. You can also decide which business dashboards they have access to. Platformly makes it very easy to share access to the platform with your team members.

Easily build sales pipelines for your team

Platformly helps you get your sales organized so you and your team can more effectively execute actions that close deals. Combined with powerful marketing automation features, the Platformly Sales CRM provides you with everything you need to up your sales game.

Closely tie your marketing to your sales efforts. Provide your sales team with all the tools they need to close more deals. Stay focused on the right deals by prioritizing them and managing activities (including calls and meetings) in a streamlined and structured manner.

Be notified on Slack when something happens

Our Slack integration allows you to send periodic notifications to your Slack Channel and notify your team members on Slack when something happens using Platformly's Automations or Automation Rules.

You can also perform a number of actions in Platformly, such as creating a new contact or creating a new deal in your sales pipeline, directly from your Slack Channel via a command or shortcut.

Identify leads that are ready to buy

Platformly also comes with a lead scoring system, allowing you to attribute different values to specific actions. Lead scoring makes it easy to know which leads you should give priority to and which ones still need a bit of warming up. It’s a great way to qualify your leads and make sure that they get the right message at the right time.

For example, you can give a value of 1 to every contact that opens an email and a value of 2 to every contact that clicks a link in an email, meaning they are getting closer to conversion. You can also give a negative value to contacts, for example, a value of -2 for those that ignore your emails. It is completely up to you to decide which actions should weigh in, when calculating this lead score.

Start sending more targeted emails that will get your contacts to convert at lightning speed.

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