Discover Platformly's SMS Marketing integrations: send automated text messages to your audience and unlock the power of SMS Marketing...
Platformly's SMS Marketing Integrations


Send Automated Text Messages to Your Audience & Unlock The Power of SMS Marketing

Easily connect to Twilio or Nexmo

Want to send text messages to your audience? Simply connect to Twilio or Nexmo from our integrations page, and you're ready to go! Our text message editor is super easy to use.

You can send text messages to a specific segment, or contacts with a specific tag, at the exact time you want, in their timezone. SMS Marketing has never been easier!

Send automated text messages

The main benefit of Platformly's SMS Marketing feature is that you can include text messages in your automated marketing sequences.

For example, any time someone performs a specific action in your sales funnel, you can send him/her a text message. You can even make recipients opt in via SMS. You can of course personalize your text messages, with custom fields, emojis, links...

Track SMS stats, check SMS replies & more

You will be able to access useful metrics including the numbers of text messages sent, text messages received (%), text messages failed (%), clicks, as well as the click-through rate (%) and unsubscribe rate (%).

You will also have access to detailed reports by integration and channel. From our CRM, you can see SMS stats, as well as check SMS activity, for each contact and even check SMS replies.

Check out a much more straightforward and more intuitive way for setting up marketing campaigns.

Only 5 minutes to set up
Developer’s support is not required
We won’t charge you automatically after the trial


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