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Sales Reporting - Make Data-Backed Decisions, Every Time

Sales Reporting

Find Out How Your Business Performs With Advanced Yet Easy-to-Understand Reports

Create fully customizable reports to understand complex metrics and attribute marketing and sales activities to your revenue in a glimpse of an eye. Understand what revenue channels drive the most revenue and which need to be optimized for higher conversions.

Get access to advanced reporting

Platformly comes with advanced reporting to cover each action in your business.

This includes full sales reporting, link tracking reports, email reports, event reports, and advertising reports.

Keep track of your revenue with sales reports

Understand your real-time sales, income breakdowns, churn, customer lifetime value, average revenue per user, monthly recurring revenue, your active customers, forecasts of the next year, and compare sales periods.

Hook up your payment processor directly, and have us instantly auto fetch and sync the data or manually import your transactions in a few clicks by uploading a file. 

Get a full picture of your business performance

Connect your payment processor and get a full overview of key business metrics and how every metric affects your business bottom line.

Use premade widgets that you can add to your live dashboards in a few clicks, which means your whole team can know the metrics too and can work towards common goals.

Measure any metric to give a deeper overview of how your business performs, in just a few clicks.

Understand what works and what doesn’t

Track all vital information on your traffic with tracking reports in real-time.

Get access to full breakdowns by the campaign, traffic source, landing page, user device, country, day, and even hour, showing you both the costs, revenue, and the profit! Identify channels that convert better, optimize, or kill the ones which underperform.

Track email performance in real-time

Our dedicated email reporting module will help you track the performance of all your emails, from a single place. Monitor open rates, click-through rates, conversions and more, both globally and for specific broadcasts.

Use this information to make adjustments to your campaigns and improve the performance of your emails. Platformly also lets you keep an eye on unsubscribes: who unsubscribed, when, why, how...

Easily track the performance of your funnels

Platformly also comes with a dedicated funnel reporting module, designed to help you review the different steps of your funnels and track their performance.

See how many people entered the funnel, how many fired the event you set up, how many took action, for example, by opting in or making a purchase.

You will have a complete overview of the performance of your funnels and be able to make adjustments, based on your findings.

Gain more clarity with your business metrics and start attributing marketing budget to conversion.

Use data-driven decision-making to fuel your growth
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