Platformly is your campaign management command center. With our link tracking system, you can see how much money you make from every channel.
Link Tracking - Understand Your Customers Like Never Before

Link Tracking

The Easiest & Most Accurate Tracking to Scale Your Business & Skyrocket Your ROI

Understand where your revenue comes from with a more accurate tracking system. Learn where to invest more marketing budget and which campaigns to optimize.

Get a full picture of revenue sources

Check out exactly how much money you make from every channel. Understand the lifetime value of your leads and customers from the traffic sources you are investing in.

This could be email marketing, Google or Facebook ads, joint venture promotions, content marketing, or any other form of business exposure.

Understand what drives and kills revenue

In just a few clicks, know the value of any lead source, 30, 60, 90 days, or any other defined period after they subscribe to any of your opt-in forms.

Get a quick overview and see which campaigns are profitable to focus on scaling, and which ones are underpforming that should be killed off.

Understand users better with omnichannel tracking

Our system uses 'person-based' tracking, which means you get 'lossless' tracking. A user can opt-in on their phone but purchase on their computer, and that event will be tied to the correct link, automatically.

And unlike other tracking platforms that charge a fortune, just for providing tracking insights on a fraction of the full picture, we don't charge you for the number of clicks tracked.

Tatiana I.

Marketing Automation Consultant
Source: Capterra

"One more feature that I was very excited to discover: Platformly has the link tracking."

"You can create the links in Tracking with all UTM data, and then just choose to include these links in your email - is that simple!"

Set up your links in a few clicks

Simply generate a link, connect your payment processor, and have accurate tracking, allowing you to know the most vital metrics needed to move your business forward.

Platformly even lets you automatically create links on the fly. Simply change the parameters in the URL and the new tracking link version will automatically appear in the Tracking Links section.

Easily track user behaviors with events

Platformly lets you create events and track them, so you can collect data on a wide variety of user behaviors. You can create an event for any activity on your website and assign it a value.

As you begin to capture event data and send it to your account, you can use it to improve your marketing and sales processes as well as trigger automations, create segment conditions, and personalize campaigns.

For example, you can track visits, clicks, downloads, submissions, video plays, purchases, rebills, refunds…

Get a better understanding of how your business is performing.

Track, improve and scale your business
No technical knowledge required


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