Sales Pipelines - Close More Deals
Create highly effective sales pipelines and dramatically increase your close rate. Our Sales CRM will help you get your sales organized!

Sales Pipelines

Create Highly Effective Sales Pipelines & Dramatically Increase Your Close Rate

Platformly helps you get your sales organized so you and your team can more effectively execute actions that close deals. Combined with powerful marketing automation features, the Platformly Sales CRM provides you with everything you need to up your sales game.

Comprehensive Sales CRM for small to medium-sized businesses

Closely tie your marketing to your sales efforts.
Provide your sales team with all the tools they need to close more deals.

Stay focused on the right deals by prioritizing them and managing activities (including calls and meetings) in a streamlined and structured manner.

Stay focused on the right deals

Platformly helps you stay focused on sales by putting your leads straight into your sales pipelines from your optin forms and landing pages.

Easily prioritize deals, manage daily activities and track performance in a streamlined and structured manner, for more sales and business growth.

Create the perfect sales pipeline

Create a sales pipeline that fits your business, with all the different stages you need:

“Lead”, “Contacted”, “Qualified”, “Proposal Made”…

Move deals from one stage to another, either manually or automatically, and create activities, to organize your work schedule.

Daniel R.

Health, Wellness and Fitness CEO
Source: Capterra

"It's everything you need for your small business."

"It has everything we need to run our business, set up sales lead systems and manage the sales process. I don't need any other platform, so that makes it super simple to access one site, one platform and manage everything in one place. Support is top notch."

Serena L.

Source: Capterra

"Improve Your ROI with Marketing Automation."

"If you need to start improving your ecom store with some reporting stats and configured marketing automation, Platformly may be the Sales CRM for that growth, without the big price like InfusionSoft. We especially like the new and improved email builder with 100+ templates. Intuitive."

Automate your sales process

Closely tie your marketing to your sales efforts by automating your lead generation and sales processes.

Automatically create a deal when a lead qualifies, or change a deal status when a field is updated…

Platformly lets you fully automate and streamline your sales process.

Still not sure whether to give it a try?

Easy setup
Create sales pipelines for your team in just a few minutes, thanks to our intuitive pipeline builder – absolutely no technical knowledge required. Building a sales pipeline has never been easier!

Advanced, yet easy to use

An advanced tool should not be difficult to navigate. Expect a shallow learning curve – learn fast and as you do – we will walk you through the process and make sure you succeed with the tool.

Friendly support when you need it

Our team is available anytime you need us on live support, even on weekends. No more waiting for a few working days to receive a response to a quick question.

Empower your sales team

Give your sales representatives all the tools they need to collaborate as a team and organize their daily schedule with phone calls, meetings, tasks, emails, business lunches…

Track their performance and help them reach their goals, for increased sales revenue and sustained profit.

Easily create sub-accounts for your sales representatives

Creating sub-accounts for your sales representatives is very easy. All you need to do is fill out a form and tick a box, to identify them as a salesperson.

Once this is done, you or your sales manager will be able to assign them deals and activities.

Salespersons can only see the deals and activities that are assigned to them, so they are not distracted by other salespersons’ work and can fully focus on closing their deals and achieving their goals.

Francisco O.

CEO - Director
Source: Capterra

"The Support team is amazing, always ready to provide assistance."

"I have set up integrations for Stripe and Paypal and I've got some problems with Paypal and they take more than 2 hours on Sunday to get it sorted."

Increase your sales team’s productivity and close rate, by creating the perfect sales pipeline for your business...

Help your sales team members reach their goals
Easy onboarding, get set up fast


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