Business dashboards offer a real-time overview of what is happening in your business, with the ability to drill down and get the exact data you need.
Business Dashboards - Real-Time Insights Into Your Business Data

Business Dashboards

Understand How Marketing Affects Your Business Revenue With Multi-Channel Reports

Get more clarity on how your marketing campaigns affect your business' bottom line with fully customizable and easy to set up analytics dashboards. Get a full picture of your business analytics by pulling all data into one place to make better data-driven decisions.

Get a 360-degree performance overview

Continuously monitor the metrics that matter in just a few clicks with your powerful dashboards that are accessible, wherever you need them.

Use it on any device on the go – the vital stats of your business are now front and center, providing you with the instant insight needed to accelerate your growth.

Analyze data in real-time

Understand how your online business is performing right down to the very last click.

From new email subscribers to churn rates and how much money you've made in the previous few hours.

All of this can be set up on your dashboard and shared with your team in a click.

Pull data from different sources

No longer does your business need to suffer from data sources derived from multiple locations.

Our up-to-date reporting allows you and your team to make informed decisions ensuring you have clear, actionable goals to grow your business rather than just taking stabs in the dark.

Suvran R.

Source: Capterra

"One of the most important features of the tool is the dashboard. It is fully customizable."

"The dashboard showcases real-time data in an overview format of what is happening to my business. This helps in extracting the exact needful strategies to implement with timely data and the right drill-down capability."

Verified Reviewer

Verified Reviewer
Source: Capterra

"The business and sales dashboard shows me which marketing channel is working and which not."

"I am tracking cold leads and warming them up using email automation. Lots of integration to connect with other apps using Zapier or natively."

Set up dashboards with a few clicks

The key is getting set up fast. Even if you don't have any experience with dashboards or any metrics to integrate, collects the data you need and provides pre-created dashboards so you can be up and running in no time!

Customize your dashboards as you wish

Build just about any type of dashboard, using the vast array of built-in widgets as well as integrations from hundreds of third-party sources. With the 'Platformly Business Intelligence Dashboard' system, you can create any dashboard you can think of.

Some examples include:

☑️ Marketing Dashboards,
☑️ Sales Dashboards,
☑️ Reporting Dashboards,
☑️ Executive Dashboards

+23 more pre-built templates

Get a better understanding of how your business is performing. 

Use data-driven decision-making to fuel your growth
Setup takes only 5 minutes


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