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Do you run an agency? Platformly allows you to provide all sorts of services to your clients, including email marketing, marketing automation, reporting...
Platformly - All-in-One Marketing Solution for Agencies

Impress your Agency clients with advanced marketing automations and in-depth performance reports

Platformly helps digital agencies provide comprehensive solutions that their clients love, including email marketing, marketing automation and analytics. Help your clients convert more visitors into leads and sales. Automate their onboarding and retention. Give them access to email and sales metrics.

Marketing Solution for Agencies

Smart integrations, limitless possibilities

Google Analytics

All-in-one marketing automation tool for agencies

Provide your clients with all the marketing features they need to drive more revenue. Spend less time tweaking emails, optin forms and landing pages. You won’t find this many features at this price with our competitors.

Matt M.

Marketing & Advertising Agency CEO
Source: Capterra

"Excellent automation tool with lots of advanced marketing features."

"With Platformly, we can save several hours of work each week, and use this valuable time to focus on spending time with our clients and further growing our agency."

5 stars

Marketing Automation
Email Marketing
Customizable Email Text Editor
Landing Page Builder
Drag-and-Drop Editor
Link Tracking
Customizable Business Dashboards
Advanced Reporting

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Easily manage all of your clients’ email marketing campaigns

Schedule mailings in advance for when your clients want them to go out. Use our intuitive drag-and-drop email builder to customize size, colors, position, and overall styling of all elements and create beautiful emails for your clients.

Easily manage all of your clients’ email marketing campaigns
Amit P.

Source: Capterra

"Fantastic All-in-One Marketing Platform..."

"One of the best decisions I've made for my email marketing has been to subscribe to Platformly. The breadth of features and top customer support never fail to amaze me. I look forward to enjoying all the future updates on the horizon. There are some mind-blowing things on the way!"

5 stars

Set up advanced marketing automations your clients never thought possible

Easily set up advanced marketing automations with the help of a top-of-the-line drag-and-drop builder. Select triggers, add delays, set up forks and choose actions in just a few clicks. Setting up an automation has never been easier! The builder even lets you leave notes for your team or clients.

Sotiris B.

Digital Marketing Consultant
Source: Capterra

"Great Autoresponder with automations that blew me away."

" makes it much easier to create emails and send them to the right person on every occasion due to all the automation features it offers."

Set up advanced marketing automations your clients never thought possible

Give your clients access to detailed email reporting

Give your clients a 360-degree overview of how their email marketing campaigns perform in real-time with our analytics dashboards. Customize dashboards as you wish with just a few clicks – show them the open rates and click-through rates of the emails you sent out for them. Use pre-made dashboards to make this process even simpler.

Give your clients access to detailed email reporting
Kyle L.

Business Owner
Source: Capterra

"Great product, great service, great pricing and great development."

"Powerful builders for forms, landing pages & email campaigns - High email deliverability - Great service from the team - Quick development of new features - All-in-one with advanced reports - Many native integrations to improve the automations."

5 stars

Tick all the boxes for GDPR compliance
Take into account GDPR requirements on your clients’ optin forms and landing pages by placing the necessary checkboxes. Enable their audience to subscribe to their marketing campaigns and newsletters when visiting their website or blog.

Get full access to an all-in-one tool for growing your agency

Easy setup

Craft beautiful emails in just a few minutes, thanks to our pre-made email templates and intuitive drag-and-drop email builder – no technical knowledge required.

Scheduling emails is as easy as one-two-three.

Advanced, yet easy to use

An advanced tool should not be difficult to navigate.

Expect a shallow learning curve – learn fast and as you do – we will walk you through the process and make sure you succeed with the tool.

Friendly support when you need it

Our team is available anytime you need us on live support, even if you work on week-ends.

No more waiting for a few working days to receive a response to a quick question.

Email Reports for Agencies
Francisco O.

CEO - Director
Source: Capterra

Francisco O

"The Support team is amazing, always ready to provide assistance."

"I have set up integrations for Stripe and Paypal and I've got some problems with Paypal and they take more than 2 hours on Sunday to get it sorted."

5 stars

Exceed your clients’ expectations by helping them skyrocket their business

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