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TuneReel's Story : How Platformly's Stripe integration helps simplify their marketing campaigns...
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Case Study

TuneReel's Story : How Platformly's Stripe integration helps improve their marketing campaigns

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What does TuneReel do?

TuneReel is a music licensing company based in the US. They provide video creators, filmmakers and brands with access to unlimited royalty-free music. Their easy-to-navigate online library of music allows content creators to browse through thousands of tracks and easily find music for their videos or podcasts worry-free.

What were their major challenges?

Their biggest challenge was how to aggregate all the data collected in a meaningful way so they could determine user's preferences. Favoriting a track is one thing, but a user spending money for license music is the real test. They were looking for a way to know which tracks are most popular for each user segment.

Key metrics & graphs updated in real-time

At the time, they didn't have the allocated resources to put together spreadsheets and pivot tables with all the data, so they delayed doing anything about it for a while. However, once they were able to integrate everything using Stripe and Platformly, all this data was being collected for them and it just took care of itself!

The impact

The result of not having all this information before was that they were making decisions based on assumptions and not hard data. Even though TuneReel was founded by musicians who are very much in touch with their artistic instincts, they've learned that a business has to make decisions based on numbers and real-world results. If you can't measure results, you're just making guesses.

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How Stripe's integration with Platformly helped TuneReel

They can quickly see how much each user, or segment of users, has spent and access detailed reporting. They're a young company and at this early stage any new piece of information helps them learn more about the behaviors of their audience and how they can improve their experience.

What they liked the most about the integration

It didn't require developers to get involved - their marketing team was able to plug it in using simple integration. An example of how good things aren't always difficult to implement!

If you're using Stripe to collect payment from users, Platformly lets you easily associate your income with whatever user segments you set up, which helps you decide where to focus your energy.

Key metrics & graphs updated in real-time
"Once we were able to integrate everything using Stripe and Platformly, all the data was being collected for us and it just took care of itself!" Gad, TuneReel

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