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Puntorosso's Story : How Platformly's WooCommerce integration helps simplify their marketing campaigns...
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Case Study

Puntorosso's Story : How Platformly's WooCommerce integration helps simplify their marketing campaigns

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What does Puntorosso do?

Puntorosso is a full-service events agency offering unique and tailored event packages for their diverse customer base. Their packages range from corporate events, teambuilding, incentive trips, event ticketing to name but a few.

They are not just involved in the implementation phase. They are involved from the strategic phase which helps them better understand their clients’ main goals and objectives before they start conceptualising their events. Their service is trusted by global brands such as HP, McDonalds, Toshiba and General Electric, in Majorca, Spain.

What were their major challenges?

Because of Puntorosso's diverse customer profile and the uniqueness of the service required per customer, they were constantly facing these challenges:

☑️ Effectively running sales campaigns that cover all their different market segments;
☑️ Monitoring and tracking change in their clients purchasing behaviour;
☑️ Simplifying their marketing campaigns.

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How Puntorosso used Platformly's integration with WooCommerce

Platformly's integration was essential, as it helped them keep a fine grained control of their customers and allowed them to instantly visualise their purchasing methods and preferences.

Having access to this kind of information at their fingertips, their marketing was simplified and effective, allowing them to run specific sales campaigns for specific market segments.

The impact

With a versatile interface, Platformly’s Woocomerce integration is unmatched. With this integration, they were able to:

☑️ Easily connect WooCommerce to Platformly;
☑️ Automatically import client’s data into Platformly;
☑️ Segment clients’ contacts and apply tags based on actions;
☑️ Set up automated campaigns, with events triggering and automated emails;
☑️ Insert product information in emails in just a few clicks;
☑️ Access detailed customer reporting (including customer lifetime value) and sales reporting.

Key metrics & graphs updated in real-time
"Not only does it automate the entire process, it also allows complex segmentation and tagging structures to be assigned to each individual product, order and customer." Amadeus, Puntorosso

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