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My Future Business' Story : How My Future Business increased its guest interview booking and sales revenue using Platformly...
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Case Study

My Future Business' Story : How My Future Business increased its guest interview booking and sales revenue using Platformly

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What does My Future Business do?

Rick Nuske is the founder of the Australian-based organization My Future Business, and host of the popular global business building podcast. The Show has interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the world. The main mission of the podcast is to help business owners, book authors and start-up entrepreneurs get in front of their best audience and stay there.

Employing 3 people to help run the business, Rick uses various channels to promote The My Future Business Show podcast. The podcast can be found on major podcasting platforms including iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and others.

What were their major challenges?

The pivotal point in the business was when Rick changed the business from being a hobby into a viable business. In the early stages of his business, Rick spent a lot of time trying to generate awareness around his business and podcasts. He spent time learning about marketing and finding the best way to convert site visitors into paying customers.

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The challenge that Rick faced was that hundreds of people were visiting the My Future Business website each month and more than 80% of visitors would leave without ever returning. This was a lost opportunity to connect and engage with website visitors. Rick wanted to find the best way to convert visitors into buyers. Not only did Rick want to capture leads, nurture them and learn about their businesses, books and ventures, he had to understand as much as he could about his target prospects.

When looking around for an email marketing solution, Rick wanted to keep it simple. Furthermore, the solution had to be affordable and it had to do a good job at successfully delivering emails to senders. It also had to have most of the bells-and-whistles that other solutions offered.

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The solution

Rick was first introduced to Platformly by one of his team members. He was excited about the idea that email marketing could help fix his problem of low engagement with visitors to his website, and worse, people permanently bouncing after checking out the site. So, when he had the opportunity to try out Platformly, he realized there was so much this software could do to help his business grow.

So, when looking at how to measure engagement, Platformly made it easy to allocate a score to each lead, thus indicating their level of interest, which triggered Rick to take action with high scoring leads, all of which automatically triggered new messages to high-scoring prospects using the automation system, which is a breeze to set up and use.

Another thing that Rick loves about Platformly is the ability to integrate Platformly with other third-party software to help capture leads. This ability has further embedded Platformly into My Future Business as an indispensable strategic tool inside the business. In his words: "Every conversation that we have about building the business invariably comes back to how we will use Platformly to achieve our growth goals."

The Impact

Since adding Platformly to his business, Rick has seen 3 times increase in guest interview bookings and a 2% increase in sales revenue of other products and services. Adding Platformly as My Future Business’s primary communications software has helped the business to engage with their target audience in such a way that conversion rates have improved since introducing the platform several years ago.

Key metrics & graphs updated in real-time

So, to give you just one example of how Platformly is used at My Future Business, Rick’s team sends out a post-purchase and post-interview survey via Platformly to learn more about their customers and how they can improve their business. During his conversation with Platformly, Rick noted that many customers specifically said that the emails they receive are professional looking, and that the way in which his emails are styled, made a positive impact on their decision to book appointments and to make purchases.

“To say that Platformly has been a game-changer for My Future Business, would be an understatement. Platformly has proven itself to be an effective way to build relationships and stay connected without having to worry about the technical side of newsletter creation and other forms of email communication.” Rick, My Future Business

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