Fall is already over in the Northern Hemisphere and it is thus time for us to give you a quick recap of all the new features and improvements released over the past few weeks.

➡️ Just in case you missed it, here is our Summer 2021 update… ☀️

➡️ We also released our Shopify integration. You can read more about it here…

Let's now talk about the Fall update…

Convertful Integration Improvements

Our new Convertful integration is live!

As you may already know, we already have an integration with Convertful where you can automatically add the leads you collect in Convertful to your Platformly CRM.

Now, we have made this integration even more useful by making it possible to import Convertful inline widgets into the Platformly page builder, as well as see the statistics of your Convertful forms directly from Platformly. You can also filter contacts by optin form.

Convertful Integration

After connecting Platformly to Convertful, your Convertful inline widgets will be automatically imported into the Platformly page builder.

To insert a Convertful inline widget in a page, simply insert a “Form” element as you normally would, click on it and select the widget from the drop-down menu, as shown below:

Convertful Forms in Page Builder

Please note that only the inline widgets are fetched and can be used in the Platformly page builder.

You can also see the statistics of your Convertful forms directly from the Platformly optin form builder.

Open the builder and go to the “Convertful” tab to see useful statistics such as the total number of views, number of unique views, number of optins and conversion rate, as you can see in the screenshot below:

Convertful Form Stats in Platformly

In the CRM, you can filter contacts based on the form they used to opt in, meaning you can see all contacts who opted in via a specific Convertful form, as shown below:

Filter by Optin Form

To connect Platformly to Convertful, click on your profile picture at the top right of the members area and on “Integrations”. Then, go to the “Marketing” tab, click on the Convertful logo and follow the on-screen instructions.


Previous & Next Buttons

We added Previous and Next buttons to contact and organization pages, so you can easily navigate between contacts and organizations in your CRM.

Previous and Next Buttons

This should make it easier for you to review contacts or organizations one by one, for example.

Sales Pipeline Statistics

We added a statistics table at the top of the sales pipelines, as shown below:

Sales Pipeline Statistics

You can now see how many open deals, won deals and lost deals there are in the pipeline, as well as the open value, won value, lost value and number of team members involved.

This should give you a quick overview of what's going on in each pipeline.

Deals & Contact Removals

Speaking of sales pipelines, we changed the way deals behave when a contact is removed.

Before, when a contact was removed, all the associated deals remained, even though there was no assigned contact. Now, when a contact is removed, all the deals associated with this contact are also removed.

Tracking Links

New Columns (Profit & Conversions)

We added 3 new columns to the Tracking Links section:

  • Profit
  • Conv. for “Conversion”
  • Conv.% for “Conversion Percentage”

New Tracking Links Columns

Remember you can choose which columns you want to display or hide by clicking on the cog icon located at the top right of the page and then ticking or unticking boxes, as shown below:

New Tracking Links Columns

New Shortcut (Tracking Report)

You can now view a tracking report of a specific campaign directly from the Tracking Links section.

New Tracking Links Shortcut

Simply click on the three dots on the right of a campaign and click on “View Stats” to open the report.

If you would like us to implement more shortcuts like this one, simply let us know where! Feel free to leave a comment below or contact our friendly support team from the members area.


Open & Click-Through Rates

We changed the way we calculate the open rate and click-through rate, for more accuracy.

We have removed open total and now just calculate “unique opens” as a value in order to remove false positives that come from email providers and other services.

The best metric is still the click-through rate though, as it is 100% reliable and basically full-proof.


Reporting for Segments & Tags

We improved the income reporting for segments and tags. You can now see the income coming from users in a specific segment or tag before and after the it was created.

Segment Income

Segment Income

Conversions for Specific Segments, Tags, Forms & Events

In addition, you can now see conversions for specific segments, tags, optin forms and events in tracking and email reports.

Conversion Tracking

This is a major improvement! Imagine being able to see detailed conversion reports for each segment, tag, optin form and event… You could easily compare the conversion rates of two separate optin forms, for example.

Clearout Integration Improvements

We improved our Clearout integration to support much larger files. You can now verify lists of 30,000 or even 40,000 email addresses at once, without any issue.

Platformly Chrome Extension Update

We updated our Chrome extension in order to support the latest Google Chrome technology. Don't know what our extension can do? Watch this video…

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Stay tuned! More coming soon 😉

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