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12 Tips for AI Marketing

Gartner predicts AI software will reach $62 billion in 2022. Artificial intelligence can be used in many different contexts, and that’s part of what makes it so difficult to define. Is it just a buzzword? Is it a technology that can be harnessed for practical purposes? 🚧 In this article, we’ll focus on artificial intelligence…

CRM Metrics Featured Image

Top 7 CRM Metrics You Should Track 🙊

Did you know that your CRM contains many hidden metrics that you should be tracking? In this article, we’ll show you several CRM metrics that you should track and that can help you improve your service and increase your conversion rate. Your CRM holds information that is valuable and beneficial to your business and marketing…

Platformly Webhooks

Webhooks: A Short Guide 👨‍🏫

You have probably heard about webhooks before, but maybe thought they were too complicated for your business. 💼 The thing is, webhooks can help you automate your marketing tasks by connecting different apps together. This will give you an advantage over your competitors and allow you to spend more time optimizing your strategy rather than…

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