BIG NEWS! πŸ“’ Today we are super excited to officially announce the release of the for WooCommerce plugin 🀩

This was a highly requested integration, and it's now available, for all members! We'll be honest with you… This integration took us looong months of hard work, but it's finally there!

In short, this WordPress plugin allows you to:

  • Easily connect WooCommerce to Platformly
  • Automatically import customer data in Platformly
  • Set up automated abandoned cart campaigns and more
  • Insert product information in your emails in just a few clicks
  • Access detailed customer reporting (including customer lifetime value)

What's WooCommerce?

Chances are you already know about WooCommerce, but if not, here is a quick introduction…

WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source eCommerce solution for WordPress. In short, this plugin can turn your WordPress site into an online store. WooCommerce is now one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world.

If you are planning to open an online store, make sure you consider using WooCommerce as it is a robust and flexible system… and you can now connect WooCommerce to your Platformly CRM thanks to our brand-new plugin πŸ˜‰

Easily connect WooCommerce to Platformly

Thanks to for WooCommerce, you can easily connect WooCommerce to your Platformly CRM.

To connect WooCommerce to Platformly, all you need to do is:

  • Download, install and activate the plugin
  • Open the plugin page and add your Platformly API key
  • Select a Platformly Project and Payment Processor

You will then need to select which transactions you wish to include in your sales reports: all transactions, successful purchases, refunded orders and/or cancelled orders.


Once everything is ready, tick the ‘Enable' checkbox to activate synchronization.

That's it! It is as simple as that. Your online store is now connected to Platformly.

Once WooCommerce is connected to Platformly and synchronization is enabled, your customer data will be automatically imported in Platformly.

We say “customer”, but it's not just for your customers of course. Any contact collected via WooCommerce (like visitors who abandoned at checkout) can be automatically added to Platformly.

Segments & Tags

Under the Contacts Settings tab, you will be able to choose which segment(s) to add contacts to and apply tags, based on actions.

For example, you could add all users to the “contacts” segments, all customers to the “purchased” segment, all refunded customers to the “refunded” segment and so on… You get the idea.

Contacts Settings

Please note that this can be done at a global level (for all your products) as well as at a product level (for a specific product). If you want to do it at a product level, open the product page in WordPress, scroll down to the “Product data” section and click on the “” tab.

GDPR Compliance (Optional)

We also offer the option to make your checkout page GDPR-compliant. For example, someone could buy a product from you, and thus become a customer, and either decide to become a subscriber and receive marketing communications from you, or not.

Contacts Settings

If you want your checkout form to be GDPR-compliant, you can add the tick box, to confirm subscription. The tick box will be shown on your checkout page:

  • If the user ticks the box, meaning he or she agrees to receive marketing communications from you, he or she will be added to the segment of your choice.
  • If the user doesn't tick the box, meaning he or she does not agree to receive marketing communications from you, he or she will not be added to any segment.

You may apply tags instead of adding users to different segments.

Set up events and send automated emails

Under the Events Settings tab, you will be able to set events, when someone:

  • views a product
  • adds a product to cart
  • views his/her cart
  • clicks the checkout button
  • places an order
  • abandons his/her cart
  • recovers his/her cart

Events Settings

For example, you could send a email to everyone who triggers the “Abandoned Cart” event, X number of minutes after it happened. This is a very common practice in eCommerce, as it helps reduce cart abandonment, which can be a huge problem for some online stores.

These events allow you to track user behaviors on your WooCommerce site, which is obviously very important, so you can better serve them, increase their satisfaction, as well as your revenue.

You will be able to track activity of course, for each contact. For example, if a contact views a product page, you can see it from the “Activity” tab in your CRM. If this person adds the product to his/her cart, you can see it in your CRM… You get the idea!

Insert product information in your emails

We also added a WooCommerce button to our email editor and email builder, so you can easily insert product information, such as the list of products added to cart and a checkout button, so the user can continue and finalize his/her purchase.

Email Editor

Access detailed customer reporting

You will also be able to access detailed sales reports, so you can track the performance of your store at any time, right from the Platformly interface.

Sales Report

Push Notifications

Last but not least… We confirm that Platformly's Push Notifications are available on WooCommerce. This means you can send push notifications to your visitors, regardless of the webpage they visit. This is a cool way to announce special offers and such. To learn more about push notifications, please read this article…

WooCommerce Push Notifications for WooCommerce – Demo Video

Already using WooCommerce? Click here to log in and unlock the power of Platformly for your online store! To download the plugin, simply click here…

If you have any specific requests, don't hesitate to let us know. This is just the beginning and we are willing to improve this plugin and become the best CRM & Marketing platform for WooCommerce users!

Not a member yet? Sign up now… If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you πŸ˜€

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