Summer is already over in the Northern Hemisphere and thus it is time for us to give you a quick recap of all the new features and improvements released over the past few weeks.

➑️ Just in case you missed it, here is our Spring 2022 update 🌱

Let's now talk about the Summer update…

New Integrations

Sendspark Integrated Platformly

Sendspark, a web-based personalized video email solution, integrated Platformly.

This means that you can now easily embed personalized videos created with Sendspark in your emails and landing pages.

Sendspark's Platformly Integration

As explained on their website, Sendspark integrates perfectly with Platformly so you can better engage your audience with personalized videos.

With this integration, you will be able to:

  • Automatically personalize videos for each recipient;
  • Send videos with animated GIFs to drive engagement;
  • See a huge increase in email engagement.

➑️ How to send personalized video emails

If you don't have Sendspark yet, visit and use this code: PLATFORMLY to get your first month of Sendspark for just $1!

This coupon is valid until October 31.


Trial to Paid Conversion Rate

We added a new “Trials” tab to the Sales Reports section.

This new tab allows you to track your trial to paid conversion rate as shown below:

Trial to Paid Conversion Rate

This new feature currently works with Stripe and Paddle only. If you use a different payment processor and would like to track your trial to paid conversion rate, please contact us and let us know.

Retention Rate

You can also track your retention rate from the “Churn” tab as shown below:

Retention Rate

This way you can easily see how long customers stay subscribed to your service and make better informed decisions based on data.

Email Marketing

New “Re-Enable” Option

If you experienced an error with one of your broadcasts, you can now re-enable it thanks to the “Re-Enable” option.

To re-enable a broadcast, simply click on the three-dot icon at the right of the broadcast in question and click “Re-Enable”. The system will then try to send it again.

Re-Enable Broadcast

Email Delivery Reliability

We won't go into technical details in this post but we improved the module that makes sure every email you send reaches the appropriate recipient, thus improving the reliability of email delivery.


New Filtering Options

You can now easily filter contacts that have unsubscribed by clicking on “Unsubscribed” in the top panel, as highlighted below:

Unsubscribed Contacts

We also improved the filtering module by adding a new “Unsubscribes” filter, to filter contacts by reason and date range.

Unsubscribes Filter

Speaking of the filtering module, we also improved the “Activity” filter by adding more options to choose from, as shown in the screenshot below:

Activity Filter

User Interface

Dark Mode

A few of you asked for a dark mode. We considered creating one but found a great Chrome extension called Night Eye. In short, this extension allows you to switch Platformly to dark mode / light mode as desired.

Dark Mode

Night Eye is also available on Firefox and Safari. If you use Safari and are not happy with Night Eye, you can try Dark Reader instead.


We made several changes to improve user-friendliness.

For example, when you view a contact and then go back, the system will automatically scroll down to the contact you clicked on, meaning you don't have to scroll down manually anymore.

Auto Scroll

We also added a pagination at the top right of your CRM, so you can easily go from one page to another without having to scroll to the very bottom.

New Pagination

Other Improvements

Chrome Extension Update

We updated the Platformly Chrome extension in order to support the latest version of Gmail. Don't know what our extension can do? Watch this video…

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Stay tuned! More coming soon πŸ˜‰

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