We are in the middle of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and thus it's time for us to give you a quick recap of all the new features and improvements released over the past few weeks.

➡️ Just in case you missed it, here is our Winter 2021/2022 update ☃️

Let's now talk about the Spring update…


Sending Profile & Mailer on Preview Modal Window

You can now see the sending profile and sending mailer in the email preview modal window, as shown below:

Preview Pop-up Modal


This way, you can see what profile and mailer are going to be used for a specific email, without having to open the email editor.

New Functions on Media Modal Window

We improved the search function of the media modal window, added a pagination and a delete function, meaning you can now easily search for and delete files directly from this modal window.

Media Pop-up Modal

Sending Module Improvements

We made several improvements to our email sending module, including but not limited to increased speed and reliability.


New Buttons in Single Email Module

We added a preview button as well as a content snippet button to the single email module, which is the email editor you see when you send an email to a specific contact, directly from the CRM.

Single Email Module


This means you can now easily preview the email you're about to send, as well as add content snippets, in just a few clicks.

Website Field Auto-Filled

If there is no website value on a contact page, the system automatically fills the website field with the domain name of the contact's email address, as shown below:

Website Field


This is particularly useful for sales representatives wanting to find more information about their leads.


Automatic SSL Certification Generation

We now automatically secure all connected domains with an SSL certificate and HTTPS server. All pages are secured by default, and fully support SSL and HTTPS protocols.

Here are the steps you should follow when adding a domain to Platformly:

SSL Certificate


We use a third-party service to automatically get a browser-trusted certificate to secure each webpage published to a domain connected to your Platformly account.

Note that this process is automatic, meaning you don't have to take care of any extra setup.

You can check the SSL status of your domains directly from the “Domains” tab in the “Setup” section:

SSL Status


White-Labeled Project Code

You can now mask out your project code with a custom domain. Doing this will not only white-label the code, but also help you avoid being blocked by ad blockers.

Project Code - Custom Domain


So you can either use the default Platformly domain or click on the “Use a Custom Domain” link to use your own custom domain, which you must have previously added, in the “Setup” section.

Overall Improvements

Increased Speed (User Interface)

We greatly improved the speed of our user interface. It now loads up to 50% faster than before.

The difference should be visible in your every day use.

However, remember that loading speed depends on your usage of the platform. If you are a heavy user, with a lot of contacts, with a lot of sales data, loading can take a little longer than usual.

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Stay tuned! More coming soon 😉

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