is an all-in-one marketing automation suite, that also provides emails. We take care of all your email sending needs, but we also understand you may want to send higher amounts of mail or being responsible for your own sender score and delivery rates. Adding your own SMTP account(s) into Platformly allows you to increase your mail sending to unlimited (limited by your SMTP providers only).

You can also compare your send stats from the different SMTP providers, this is a huge advantage of using Platformly as your automation suite.

How to add SMTP accounts to Platformly?

Step 1) Click ‘Setup' menu link from your profile dropdown

Step 2) Click ‘Sending Mailers', then click ‘Add new email service' button

Step 3) fill out the short form with your username and password from the service you choose

Step 4) Click on ‘Sender Profiles' and edit the profiles you want to add this mailer to…

That's it, you're done and can now send mails through that 3rd party provider:

How to setup SMTP service inside PLY

What providers do you suggest?

Here is a list, many of them have ‘free tiers' – meaning you can send mail up to a certain limit and not pay for that. In the screenshot above you can see where you can set a max send limit for Platformly to control the max mail sent every 30 days through that provider. (yet another benefit of using

Here is a list in no specific order:




Amazon SES




And did you know you can also use your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts too?

Happy Mailing! 🙂


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