In the Northern Hemisphere, it's now Summer and thus time for us to give you a quick recap of the new features and improvements we released over the past few weeks. As you will see, we have kept ourselves quite busy during lockdown πŸ˜„

First, a quick reminder… We released many new features since our Spring update, including:

Now let's talk about the most recent additions and improvements…

New Integrations


Platformly now integrates with SyncSpider, which is a universal middleware that easily connects and synchronizes data from various apps, tools, cloud services, and platforms.

SyncSpider Integration

This integration allows you to automatically import or export your Platformly contacts, as well as create tasks and workflows, which can then be synchronized with other services.

You can read more about this new integration here…

Facebook Lead Ads

We also got listed in Facebook Lead Ads, which means that you can now connect to Platformly (through Zapier) from Facebook for Business, to start seeing your leads in real time.

Facebook Lead Ads

Your leads will then appear in your Platformly CRM and you will be able to follow up on them as needed.


Platformly now also integrates with, which is a bulk email validation and email verification service.

ClearoutThis integration allows you to verify your email lists (your full list, or specific segments and/or tags) through the Clearout validation and verification system, to get rid of spam traps, hard bounces, disposable emails and catch-all emails, directly from Platformly.

Once connected, you can run checks manually, or automatically, by activating the automation option.

You can read more about this new integration here…

Email List Verify (Improvement)

We took this opportunity to improve our Email List Verify integration. Just like with Clearout, you can now run checks automatically, by activating the automation option, as you can see below:

Email List Verify

Speed Improvements

Segments & Tags

We greatly improved speed in our Segments and Tags sections. If you have a few segments and tags, you might not notice these improvements, but if you have a lot, you will!

Contacts Export

We also improved the speed of exports in the Contacts section. Just to give you an idea, to export 25,000 contacts, it used to take a few minutes… but now it takes just 3-4 seconds. A huge improvement!

Contacts Export

Custom Fields

We also improved the speed of Custom Fields. This is an overall improvement that helped us increase the speed of Custom Fields in all our channels including our CRM, API, webhooks…


We also improved the speed of the Automations section.

Please note that we continue to improve speed, section by section, as well as implement other types of improvements.

For example, new configuration options, ability to modify the position of columns in tables, as well as display/hide specific columns.

Tracking Links

We replaced Google short links with Platformly short links, so as to not rely on 3rd party services.

Short Link

You can now easily share your tracking links on any social media platform…

New Options in Contact Filters

There are a couple of new options in Contact Filters. As you can see below, you can now filter contacts by field: “is Empty” or “is not Empty”.

This will allow you to filter all your contacts based on whether they have a specific value or not, for any field from the CRM, which is quite useful for a global filtering.

For example, you could filter all the contacts that have a phone number and then select them and send them a text message…

New Options in Contact Filters

We also added a “State” field, which means that you can now filter your contacts by state, or based on if they have or don't have a state saved in their profile.


New Fonts in Email Editor & Email Builder

We added new fonts to our Email Editor and Email Builder, giving you more options to choose from, so you can send out even better looking emails.

New Fonts

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Stay tuned! More coming soon πŸ˜‰

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