In the Northern Hemisphere, it's now Spring and thus time for us to give you a quick recap of the new features and improvements we released these past few weeks. Let's get right into it!

SMS Marketing

First of all, we'd like to remind you about our Text Message & SMS Marketing feature, released just a few days ago. In short, this new feature allows you to:

  • Send SMS broadcasts to your contacts
  • Send automated text messages
  • Track SMS stats and replies
  • Make people opt in via SMS…

It's available for all members, at no extra cost (other than the costs of the 3rd party SMS service provider you connect to, of course).

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SMS Editor

Time Zone

We generated a time zone for every contact created or updated via webhook, API, an optin form, our Chrome extension… You can also specify a time zone when importing contacts, or manually creating a contact.

As a result, when scheduling a broadcast, you can now choose to send the message at the time of your choice, in the time zone of the recipient, as you can see in the screenshot below:

Time Zone


If you tick this box, the message will be sent according to the contact's timezone (if it exists), otherwise it will use your account's time zone. That way you can ensure that recipients receive the SMS at the best possible time ⌚

Choose From Email

You can now choose a “From Email” when adding an email service, and you can use your own email address (from your list of sender profiles), instead of our default one, for more personalization.

From Email

Username & Subdomain Change

You can now change your username on your profile page. This was a highly requested feature, and it's now possible, from your profile page.

To access this page, click on your profile pic at the top right, then on “Your Profile”. Under the “Personal Information” tab, you will see a “Username” field. As you can see, you cannot use spaces or special characters.

Username & Subdomain Change


You can also change your subdomain now, as you can see in the screenshot above.

WP Plugin Now Compatible With Elementor

Our WordPress plugin is now compatible with Elementor. As you may already know, you can create tracking links from the WordPress editor. However, this button wasn't available in the Elementor editor… until now 😉

This means you can now create tracking links in WordPress, whether you use the WordPress editor or Elementor editor.


New Re-Subscribe Button

We added a new “Re-Subscribe” button on the un-subscribe page, so if someone un-subscribes from your list by mistake, he/she can easily re-subscribe, with the push of a button.

New Status for Broadcasts

In the “Messages & Broadcasts” section, you can now see the exact status of each broadcast, either “Sending…” or “Completed”. This will help you figure out which ones are still running and which ones are done.


We standardized the headers of our email, form and page builders, to help you get familiarized with them. Once you know how to use one, you should learn how to use others a lot faster.

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Stay tuned! More coming soon, including our WooCommece integration 🚀

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