As you probably know, Platformly allows you to create business dashboards, to help you get a full picture of your analytics by pulling all the data into one place.

This feature is particularly useful if you run a SaaS business, as it allows you to keep an eye on important metrics such as your number of active customers, number of new customers, churn rate…

Business Dashboard

Very useful for E-Commerce business owners as well, and any business selling products or services online, as a matter of fact.

These dashboards are, of course, fully customizable. You can choose what you want to display, i.e. which metrics and graphs you want to show.

Did you know that you can easily share dashboards with your team?

That's right… If you click on the settings cog located at the top right of the business dashboard, you will see an option called “Copy Public URL”.

Copy Public URL

If you click on it, a window will appear on the right:

Dashboard Public URL

As you can see, you can password protect the URL, so only authorized users have access to it. Then, simply click on “Copy URL” to copy the business dashboard URL and share it with your colleagues, business partners…

Public Dashboard

Just to confirm, it doesn't matter if they have access to your Platformly account or not. With this URL, they will be able to view your business dashboard. Pretty handy, right?

The best part is that there are plenty of other use cases as well. For example, you could copy this URL and paste it in a web browser and have it permanently shown on a TV screen, monitor or tablet in your office.

That way, you could constantly keep an eye on your metrics and make better data-driven decisions.

Please note that you can change the background color of the dashboard. To do so, click on “Edit” in the drop-down menu shown above. You will then be able to choose a color under “Full Screen Dashboard Color”, as shown below:

Background Color

Still not sure how to share a dashboard? Watch our tutorial video:

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