In the Northern Hemisphere, it's now Winter and thus time for us to give you a quick recap of the new integrations, new features and improvements we released these past few weeks.

About Integrations

Platformly Integration into Fluent Forms

Fluent Forms is a drag-and-drop contact form plugin for WordPress. In short, this plugin allows you to build beautiful contact forms, in just a few minutes. It's compatible with all WordPress page builders available on the market.

This integration allows you to send emails to your Fluent Forms users seamlessly. For example, you could create an automation so every person who contacts you via a Fluent Forms contact form receives an email… More info on this integration here

Fluent Forms

JotForm Integration Improvements

We also improved our JotForm integration. We indeed added a new option, which allows you to add new contacts to Platformly, if they don't already exist in your CRM, as you can see below:

JotForm Integration

Imagine you create a survey using JotForm… You can now connect your JotForm survey in Platformly, so everyone who fills out the survey is added to your CRM (including their data) using the connection you created. Users can of course be segmented and tagged, based on their answers, for example.

We also made some improvements to the user interface of this integration.

There are more integrations coming up, including a LiveWebinar integration.

Form Builder Improvements

New Options for Optin Forms

New Form OptionsYou now have a bigger choice of options for when a user clicks on a button in an option form:

  • Go to a URL
  • Close optin form
  • Submit optin form
  • Go to a URL and send data (NEW)
  • Send data to an email address (NEW)

The “Go to a URL and send data” option uses the GET & POST methods.

We also added a new option for when the form is submitted:

  • Show message
  • Redirect to
  • Close form (NEW)

Forms Submitted by Existing Contacts

If an existing contact of yours submits a form, our system will update the contact's fields, as requested by many of you.

New Link Options

Until recently, you could only add http: or https: links to optin forms. From now on, you can also add mailto: links (to link to a specific email address), as well as tel: links (to link to a specific phone number).

These new options are now available in all 3 builders: our form builder, email builder and page builder.

Email Builder Improvements

Content Snippets

Content Snippets are now available in Platformly.

Content Snippets are small bits of editable content that can be placed in emails, allowing for customizable content to populate. The idea here is to help you personalize email content, for better results, including better conversion.

You can read more about this new feature here…

UI/UX Improvements

We made a few improvements to the email builder and email editor, to avoid possible formatting issues.

If you try to open an email created with the email builder in the email editor (or the other way around), you should see a warning message like below:

Email Builder vs Email Editor

New Shortcut for Emojis

If you want to quickly add an emoji to an email subject, simply press : and you should see a drop-down menu with a few emojis, like shown below:


Page Builder Improvements

More Options for Social Icons

Social Icons - OptionsThe page builder also comes with a couple of new options, for social icons. You can now:

  • make links open in a new window or tab
  • make links nofollow

This way, you don't lose any visitors (just because they clicked on a social media link) or link juice, for SEO.

Other Improvements

Mailer Improvements

We made important improvements to our mailing system, to improve speed. You may have experienced delays in the past, when sending emails from Platformly, especially during peak hours. You shouldn't experience this kind of delay anymore.

Income Per Contact & Income Per Sent

There are a couple of new metrics in the “Emails & Broadcasts” section. You can now see the IPC (Income Per Contact) and IPS (Income Per Sent) of your emails, as shown below:


WordPress Plugin Update

We updated our WordPress plugin to make it compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.

If you haven't tried our plugin yet, make sure you do as it's a huge time saver! To add your Platformly optin forms and landing pages to your WordPress site or blog, as well as easily add contacts to your CRM, track events and more…

Account Login Activity

You can track login activity from the “Security” tab in your profile, so you can see who logged in, when and from which IP address.

Account Login Activity

Upcoming Features

We have a few major features coming up, including SMS marketing (to send text messages from Platformly) and a WooCommerce integration. Stay tuned!

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