Summer is almost over! Here is a quick recap of the features we released these past few months…

Before we get started, we would like to remind you that we recently released our new landing page builder. This new builder is more intuitive than the previous one and comes with plenty more improvements. Make sure you give it a try!

Here are our other updates…

Table Customization

You can now customize tables in the “Emails & Broadcasts”, “Automations”, “Tracking Links” and “Events” sections, meaning you can highlight what you are most interested in and hide what you are not interested in…

You can now choose which columns you want to display or hide:

You can move columns around (drag-and-drop), to order them the way you want:

Finally, you can resize columns, by using the blue divider between column titles:

Double Optin Option

When setting up an optin form, you can now choose if you want to make the optin a single optin, or a double optin.

If you tick this box, new contacts will be added to the CRM only after they confirmed their email address by clicking a link sent to their email address after opting in.

New Integrations

We recently integrated ConvertBox, an on-site messaging system, Ohmylead, a lead management software, Hyperise, a personalization toolkit and PHP Point of Sale, an online point of sale system. We also integrated a couple of connectors: LeadsBridge and Integromat, which are often compared to Zapier.


Platformly – Convertbox Direct Integration

Remember you can find our integrations directory here.

View Mode for Automation Rules

You can now quickly view automation rules clicking on the “View” button as shown below:

” style=”display: block;height: auto;width: 100%;”/>
That way you can quickly see what the automation rule is made of, which trigger(s), which action(s)… without having to open the editor.

File Deletion

You can now easily delete files from your “Media Vault”, by simply clicking the “Delete” option located here:

Improved Stripe Reporting

If you connected Stripe to Platformly, make sure you check out the “Reports” section as we greatly improved our Stripe reporting. We have improved the way we handle transactions, so we have more precise reports. We also accept more transaction types now.

Set Default Page

As already mentioned in our article about the new page builder, if you choose to use a custom domain, you can now set a default page (embed or redirect) for the parent URL of your landing pages.

For example, imagine you chose your landing page domain to be… You will then be able to set your landing pages on URLs like,, etc.

If your visitors visit, they will see the page you chose to embed or redirect to. That way curious visitors will be directed to the page of your choice, instead of a default web page with no relevant information it.

Allow Team Members to Create Dashboards

You can now allow team members to create dashboards. To do so, simply go to the “Setup” section, click on the “User Accounts” tab and select the member you want to give this permission to. You will then see a “Can create dashboards?” tick box.

If you click it, this team member will be able to create dashboards, for the projects he/she has access to.

Improved Contact Filter

You can now filter contacts by custom field. This was a highly requested feature. We listened to you and this is now possible!

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