Wondering what's new in Platformly this season? Here is a quick recap of the features we recently released…

Before we start, we'd like to remind you that we released our new email builder earlier this year. Also, webhooks are available since last month. Make sure you read these updates if not already done.

RSS Broadcasts Now Available

You can now create and automate RSS Broadcasts for your blog using your RSS Feed, as shown in the short video below:

This means you can now send your list of latest blog posts to your subscribers, as a one-off or at the frequency of your choice.

Improved User Interface & Design For Simple Automations

We improved the user interface and overall design of the Simple Automations section, as you can see in the screenshot below:

We tried to simplify things as much as possible, as well as make the interface more intuitive, which should help you create the right automations for your business more easily.

Form Builder Improvements, Fixes & New Templates

We have made a few improvements to our Form Builder. For example, we improved elements and added more options to existing elements. We also improved the user interface and fixed a couple of bugs.

Last but not least, our Form Builder now comes with 11 new templates that you can find under the “Widgets” category.

Add Segments & Tags to “Create Contact” & “Update Contact” Actions in Zapier

You can now add segments and tags to the “Create Contact” and “Update Contact” actions in your Zaps. This information will of course be passed onto Platformly.

If you're a free Zapier user, you will love this new feature as it now requires only 1 action, instead of 2, meaning that you don't need to upgrade to be able to do this.

Easily Share Your Images & PDFs With Other Projects

You can now easily share your images and PDF files with other projects. In other words, if you add an image or PDF file to a specific project, you can share it with another project, and then use it for this other project.

Improved Speed For Emails & Broadcasts Tables

The loading speed of Emails, Broadcast and RSS Broadcast tables has been greatly improved. Speed is of utmost importance, which is why we keep optimizing it, whenever possible.

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What's Next?

Right now our development team is working on:

  • Rich Profiles Add-on
  • SMS Marketing Integration
  • Content Merge Tags
  • New Page Builder

We're super excited about these new features!

Click here to view our roadmap and learn more about upcoming features.

If you have questions, suggestions of feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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