Fall is here in the Northern Hemisphere! It's time for us to give you a quick recap of the new integrations, new features and improvements we released these past few weeks. Let's start with new integrations…

New Integrations

There are no less than 4 new integrations since our last update.

Lob Integration

Lob is a direct mail solution to programmatically send personalized postcards, letters and even checks, with comprehensive per-piece mail tracking and analytics.

This was a highly requested integration, and it's finally available! This integration allows you to connect your Lob account to Platformly using your API key, so you can automatically send a postcard or letter to a contact or a group of contacts.

It also allows you to send physical mail using an automation rule, or advanced automation. If you already use Lob or are planning to use it, make sure you check out this super powerful integration! More info on this integration here

Convertful Integration

Convertful is an all-in-one marketing tool that helps you turn visitors into leads and sales, with the help of proven conversion solutions like pop-ups, boxes, funnels, surveys, contests and much more. More info on this integration here

Sociamonials Integration

Sociamonials is a social media management platform that allows you to create awesome referral sweepstakes, photo/video/essay contests, landing pages and more. More info on this integration here

Platformly Integration into Cart2WP

Cart2WP is a ThriveCart to WordPress integration. This solution allows you to use ThriveCart as your payment system and WordPress to deliver content to your customers. More info on this integration here

Whether or not you already use these services, we highly recommend that you check out these new integrations as they could open up new business and marketing opportunities for you.

Mailing System Improvements

We improved the level of security of our mailing system, which is now better protected. This also helped us improve our overall deliverability.

We can't go into details here, but rest assured that everything is done to keep our mailer safe and highly performing.

New Filter System

We have a new filter system in place in the “Contacts” section. It is a lot more user-friendly (and better looking) than the previous one.

To open this filter system simply click on the filter icon between the search icon and the “Add New Contact” button. This will open a modal where you can select a large range of filters.

New Filter Modal

If you want to create a list, click on the + icon instead of the filter icon, and you will see a “Tab Name” text field at the bottom of the modal, where you can enter a name for your list. Speaking of lists…

List Drop-Down Menu

As you already know, in the “Dashboards” and “Contacts” sections, you can create lists using filters. For example, you could create a list of all your contacts with a specific tag, or a list of all your contacts who have never opened an email… You can then easily access these lists by clicking on the tabs displayed on screen.

You can create as many lists as you want, but it gets a little messy when you have a lot of them. That's why we created a drop-down menu next to the last tab.

If you have lists that can't be displayed as tabs (because there is not enough space), simply click on the 3-dot icon at the far right. This will open a drop-down menu with the remaining lists.

Contact List

Form Builder Improvements

We made a few improvements to our form builder that are worth mentioning. For example, we improved the resizing of elements. Before, the maximum size was set to 1000px. Now, it's calculated dynamically based on the position of the element.

We've also been working on the styles of templates created with the builder (both new and old ones), to make sure they cannot be modified by any style from the page they are inserted in.

Also please note that Hebrew and Chinese can now be used in optin forms.

Other UI/UX Improvements

Our front-end lead spent a couple of weeks improving our overall UI and UX. You might not notice most of these improvements, but altogether they should improve your experience and make things easier for you.

Some of these changes are improvements, some others are bug fixes. For example, we fixed the “Full Screen” option in the “Dashboards” section.

If you click on the “Settings” link at the top right, you will see a small drop-down menu, where you can switch to “Full Screen” mode. This option wasn't functional, but now it is!

Insider Tip: At Platform.ly, we have a TV screen in the office that constantly shows our dashboard, in “full screen” mode, so we can keep an eye on our metrics, statistics and progress over time, in real-time!

New Help Menu

New MenuWe added a new menu at the top right, next to your profile pic.

In this new menu, you will find 3 useful links:

  • Feature Request: if you want to suggest new features or improvements
  • Contacts Hub: to help you add your contacts to Platformly
  • Get Support: if you need to get in touch with our support team

Double Optin Translation

We now allow the translation of the entire double optin process. This means that all the emails you send, including the confirmation link email, can be in the language of your choice.

Double Optin Email Translation

Multiple User Selection in Dashboards

When you create a new dashboard or edit an existing one, you now have the option to give access to multiple members at once, which should help you save a bit of time. If you haven't created a dashboard yet, here is how to…

Dashboards - Multiple User Selection

API Limit Increase

We changed the API limit from 3 to 5 API calls per second, meaning you can make more API calls at once.

Category Deletion Option

In “My Vault”, you now have the option to delete a category. This is a minor improvement, but was requested by a few of you, so we made it happen!

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