The Christmas elves have not been the only ones working hard this month… Our developers have done a great job and been able to release plenty of new and updated features. We've got plenty of updates for you, just in time for Christmas! Here is a summary…

Automation Rules: New Triggers, Conditions & Actions

First, let's talk about the Automation Rules section, which has been redesigned.

There are now more purchase triggers for you to choose from. You can now choose between:

  • A purchase has been made
  • Purchase Re-bill
  • Purchase canceled
  • Purchase refunded
  • Chargeback purchase

Those are also available as conditions.

There is also a new “Form Optin Submit” trigger, which allows you to select a specific form.

The “Field is Updated” trigger has been updated. You can now select a custom field, in addition to a default field, as well as specify a value, as shown below:

The lead score trigger, which has been renamed, now allows you to not only set a value, but also choose between a few different options like “Equal to”, “Greater than”, “Less than”…

Speaking about lead scoring, actions now include the option to automatically adjust a contact's score:

Finally, you can now send an email to notify someone, like a member of your team for example:

All these new and updated triggers, conditions and actions bring a lot more flexibility to automation rules.

Here is a video showing a rule you can setup fast to notify a team member whenever a new purchase happens (for example). While you are there, subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep updated when new videos come out.

Automations: New Settings

In both simple and advanced automations, there are a couple of new settings. The first one allows you to allow or disallow contacts to re-enter an automation. This setting is turned off by default, which means that, by default, contacts can enter the selected automation only once.

The second one allows you to choose whether or not you want your existing contacts that match the set trigger criteria to enter the selected automation. Please note this setting is only available when you activate an automation for the first time, after creating it.

Social Widgets & Dashboard

You can now connect your social media accounts to Platformly, via Integrations -> Social Media and add social widgets to your existing dashboards or even build a new dashboard dedicated to your social media, using a template.

This means you can now see your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest metrics, from a single place, in your Platformly account. You can, of course, modify widgets to fit your needs.

What you may have missed so far:

In the last couple of months, as well as the above additions we did a lot of changes, bug fixes and improvements that were all pushed live to your account. Here is a few more changes that have taken place recently:

Lead Scoring was moved from Beta to Production now with option in rules to trigger by lead_score. Go and setup a lead score for your project now (each project has its own lead score) to see who your most engaged contacts are as well as find out who isn't engaging with your brand and create automation followups to re-engage them.

– You can now, if you choose, customize address/unsubscribe locations in your emails by using tags over the ‘personalize' option when creating emails. Simply click the ‘Personalize' icon in the editor to add the address and unsubscribe tags in your email copy or template.

– We added an option for a custom domain in emails. Instead of using our default ones, which you, of course, can continue to do so… you can now add your own via the ‘Domains' section under ‘Setup'

– We improved our WP plugin with more features to easily add your project code and add events/tracking links in posts. this is version 1.3 of the plugin. You can get it from the ‘plugins' and ‘add new' inside your WordPress site, then search for Platformly. We have also added a lot more ‘control' options for the optins via the plugin including, where to show the optin, so you can target a specific post with a specific popup for example 🙂

– We did an update on our forms builder. We are calling it version 2, we are very close to happy with the forms builder now. There is remaining work here, but progress continues daily. You can check out the new version and create nice optin forms. New improvements, as well as more templates, will be added soon.

Custom Fields in Zapier. This was quite a requested feature, you can now set and pass custom fields via Zapier.

– Added more options in the date-range pickers you see around the site. This allows you to quickly select from the most frequently used date ranges to sort your data.

More updates are on their way, including emojis in email subjects and much more!

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