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Great News! Our friends over at Convertri have natively integrated into their suite. This means that if you are using Convertri to build your pages and funnels, you can get your leads and customers added directly into with the correct tagging or sequences, automatically. In this post we will show you the integration and then also give a quick Convertri review.

Convertri is a software that allows you to build pages and funnels fast, using free-form editing. They have a strong focus on page load speed, ensuring that your pages hosted with them load as fast as possible to prevent user frustration and bounces due to load times. They also provide fully responsive templates, page analytics and the ability to split test your pages.

How to connect your Convertri account with

Step 1) From ‘Your Account' section click on ‘Integrations'

Step 2) Click on ‘Platformly' and then paste in an API you made inside your PLY account

Step 3) Save it, then go to any page you have built inside Convertri that has a form

Step 4) Click on ‘Forms' in the top menu of that page and connect Platformly.

Step 5) Choose a project and a tag you want to add to that new contact, and you are all set. Save and publish your page.

It is important to set a tag, as this will be used to trigger any automations you want inside of Platformly, as well as allow you to create segments and filter those contacts. Check out the video below showing the steps above:

If you want to read a transcript too, we made a helpdesk article with transcriptions. Check it out here.

Quick Overview of Convertri:

A full fledged site builder, that allows hosts your pages (or sites). Either use it for funnels, with upsells, countdown timers, Exit intent popups, timed elements or use it for full or single page websites, Convertri, since launching in 2016, has become one of the leaders in the industry.

Their big focus is on speed, ensuring your pages, that you create with their freeform editor, load fast. If you are looking for a funnel builder or 3rd party, dedicated pages builder and host, Convertri is an awesome choice. The fact that it works well, natively, with Platformly is another reason to choose them for your marketing stack.

Next Actions:

  1. If you don't yet have, click here to join
  2. If you want to use a 3rd party site creator, we suggest Convertri. Click here to get it.

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