Today we are proud to announce the release of Content Snippets in Platformly! This was a highly requested feature. We listened to you and… it's now available for all members, at no extra cost.

What are Content Snippets exactly?

Content Snippets are small bits of editable content that can be placed in emails, allowing for customizable content to populate. The idea here is to help you personalize email content, for better results, including better conversion.

Let's take a simple example… Imagine you want to send an email to both your leads and customers. You would normally have 2 options:

  • You could send the exact same email to both audiences (not ideal because not personalized and thus less likely to convert well) or;
  • You could send an email to your leads, and a slightly different version to your customers (better than the first option, but double the work).

With Content Snippets, you can send 2 different versions of an email, with a single email, using conditions set up with this new feature.

You will be able to display content:

  • If the contact is in a specific segment
  • If the contact is not in a specific segment
  • If the contact has a specific tag
  • If the contact doesn't have a specific tag

Here is a simple example:

Email with Content Snippet

In this example, all recipients will see the top part and signature. However, only recipients in the “Active Members” segment will see the part located in the condition.

This is a very basic example, and you can of course set up much more advanced Content Snippets, with multiple conditions, following conditions, nested conditions, saved content…

How can I set up Content Snippets

If you click on the CS button in the email editor, you will have the choice between adding a new condition and adding saved content:

Add Content Snippet

If you click on “Add New Condition”, you will have the choice between adding a condition with new content (which is what we did in the example shown above) or adding a condition with saved content:

Add Condition

In our example, we created the condition and then wrote the content, directly in the email editor.

You also have the option to create bits of content that you can save beforehand and select when setting up your snippets, meaning you don't need to write this content every single time.

Add Saved Content

Saved Content

The best part is that you can also use Content Snippets in our new email builder…

To do so, simply drag and drop a “Content Snippet” element into your email body:

Content Snippets in Email Builder

You will then see the “Add Content Snippet” modal as shown above.

Content Snippets will thus help you personalize your email content, by displaying or hiding content depending on the recipient's segment(s) or tag(s). Possibilities are almost endless!

Content Snippets Tutorial Video

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